These windows are secure, thermally efficient, durable and low-maintenance, which means they perform incredibly well across the entire spectrum. We here at Homebrite provide products from the highest quality manufacturers and providing you with a quick and efficient installation with perfect results every time.

Keep reading to find out more about our beautiful sash windows in Maidstone and how they will enhance your home.

Sash window bay

Create Authentic Looks with our Sash Windows in Maidstone

Our sash windows have been expertly designed to act as the perfect replacement for your Maidstone property’s timber windows. While timber windows create a classic, traditional aesthetic, they are prone to ageing badly. Over time your timber windows will become draughty and less secure, making your home a lot less comfortable and affecting your peace of mind.

Our sash windows carry all the timeless aesthetics of timber but inhabit all the benefits of modern uPVC double glazing innovations. Extremely thermally efficient and secure, these windows will eliminate draughts.

Timber windows are a high maintenance double glazing choice. They require frequent sanding, sealing, painting and varnishing. Otherwise, they can fall victim to warping and cracking and will start to let in leaks. Our Maidstone sash windows are a great low maintenance alternative. Made from hardy uPVC, all that’s needed for your new windows to continue looking and performing their best is an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.

Homebrite’s Maidstone sash windows are the ideal way to maintain your home’s aesthetic, without the many unfortunate downsides of timber windows.

Thermally Efficient Sash Windows Maidstone
Our sash windows are designed to offer you the very best thermal performance for your Maidstone property. These windows provide exceptional weatherproofing and are available with a Window Energy Rating of either A+ or B.

The thermal efficiency inherent in these beautiful windows means that they are also likely to save you money. Their energy efficient design keeps warm air inside your home and eradicates draughts, so your home will stay comfortable all year around, including in the very worst of the cold British winter. As a result, you will not need to use your heating as often, and you will begin to notice significant decreases to your energy bills.

These sash windows are an excellent way to save money on the running costs of your home and with fuel prices likely to rise in Maidstone, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to a more thermally efficient home.

White sliding sash windows exterior

A Choice of Styles and Colours

We offer a range of decorative and practical hardware accessories to adjust these windows so they suit any home in Maidstone. Whether you need sash windows as a replacement window for a period building, or you are creating a traditionally inspired new build, our range of windows is certain to meet your needs.

We offer a range of excellent period-faithful accessories, including Georgian bars, astragal bars and decorative sash horns. Our sash windows come in a fantastic range of bold colours and woodgrain finishes to create the perfect touch for your home.

Our woodgrain foils are excellent for replicating the timeless look of timber windows, which is an ideal way to create an authentic look for your Maidstone property.

Sash Windows Prices Maidstone

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