Our front doors are truly exceptional, and here at Homebrite, we pride ourselves on quality products that are installed to the highest standards, ensuring that your Kent home improvements are perfect.

Choose from uPVC, Composite or Timber for your new front doors, as we offer an impressive range of options to our Kent customers. Homebrite are proud to say that choice is our priority, ensuring every customer in Kent has the door that they want for their home.

Our guide to front doors in Kent is here to give you inspiration for your home improvements, so read on to find out more about our spectacular front doors.

uPVC Front Door

uPVC Front Doors in Kent

Our uPVC front doors offer Kent homes superb style combined with brilliant performance. Each door is crafted to offer the most exceptional quality for your home improvements.

Let’s start with energy efficiency. Our uPVC front doors in Kent offer superb thermal performance. They have a multi-chambered profile design which traps air within the five chambers to create a thermal barrier.

This then stops cold air from getting into your home and warm air from getting out.

We improve this energy efficient profile by installing exceptional Pilkington glass into our uPVC front doors, which gives you outstanding levels of thermal performance.

Our uPVC front doors are also great for security. They are internally reinforced to create a strong and sturdy profile, and then we fit each door with our state of the art ATK locking systems which are renowned for their outstanding security performance.

Choosing uPVC front doors from our range ensures that your Kent home will be protected from both the elements and potential intruders!

Front doors in our uPVC range come in a superb range of designs, ensuring that there is a match for any type of Kent property. Each one is customised to suit you with colours, woodgrain foils, hardware and accessories. Your new uPVC front doors will enhance the beauty of your home by providing a stylish and sophisticated entrance.

Close up of uPVC door

Composite Front Doors in Kent

Front doors in Kent are never much more impressive than when you choose a composite door for your home improvements.

Composite doors are one of the most durable front doors in the industry, They have a clever construction of a solid core with a robust outer skin. This design gives them all the beauty and style of timber, yet they incorporate all the latest technological advances that you would associate with uPVC.

Our composite front doors offer the most incredible levels of insulation, protecting your home from the cold, wind and rain as well as keeping out noise pollution. With composite front doors in Kent, your home will be warmer, cosier and quieter, making these doors superb for creating more comfortable living.

One of the most impressive qualities of our composite front doors in Kent is the superb security. They are a naturally strong and durable door which makes them almost indestructible, we then install anti-bump, anti-snap, anti-drill and anti-pick cylinders as standard locking systems to maximise the protection that they provide for your family and home.

Our composite front doors are so impressive, they even come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Blue exterior door

Timber Front Doors

When you are looking for a traditional front door that complements your Kent home with natural style, timber front doors could be just what you need.

Our high quality timber front doors are truly exceptional. We work with Dempsey Dyer to provide Kent home owners with perfectly fabricated timber front doors that will complement the style of any property.

Our impressive timber front doors are so secure, that they have achieved Secured by Design accreditation, meaning they have been tested to ensure they offer the highest security performance possible.

Your home will be protected from the elements too, as our timber front doors have a unique drainage design to ensure that your Kent property is kept dry and warm. With our timber front doors, you can expect excellent weather resistance as well as energy efficiency that meets the stringent Building Regulations standards.

Timber front door

Ready to Choose Front Doors in Kent?

We offer such a brilliant variety of front doors to our Kent customers, it’s easy to see why you might need a little help in finding the right option for your home!

You can either visit our showroom or get in touch and our friendly and dedicated team will answer any queries that you may have as well as offer expert guidance to assist you in finding the perfect front doors for your Kent home.