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Our double glazed windows are all superb, offering excellent performance and stunning looks, and each option can be tailored to your property and your tastes. This ensures that the windows we install into your home are exactly the windows that you have always wanted.

Our customers are always pleased with our expert installation and high quality double glazing, and we are a certified installer, ensuring you can trust us with your Maidstone home improvements.

We’ve written a handy guide to double glazed windows in Maidstone, so that you can get inspiration for your home improvements with Homebrite.

Aluminium Windows

Double Glazed Windows in Maidstone – Guaranteed Quality

When you choose Homebrite for your double glazed windows, you will benefit from an exceptional 10 year guarantee for which ever windows you want.

We exceed the standards set by Building Regulations with our guarantee, ensuring that our customers have complete peace of mind.

To find out more, and just how comprehensive our double glazed windows guarantee really is, get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.

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Pilkington Glass for Your Double Glazed Windows

When you are looking for double glazed windows that provide your Maidstone home with a little more privacy, or perhaps simply a little more style, Homebrite can help.

Our double glazed windows are constructed with state of the art Pilkington glass. This ensures that you get perfect privacy for your home with decorative glazing that offers style and beauty.

The Pilkington glass range comes in a huge variety of designs, both in the standard range and in the premium etched collection.

With our double glazed windows, you get the benefit of state of the art, highly energy efficient glazing, that helps to improve your home’s thermal performance.

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Double Glazed Windows to Complement Your Maidstone Property

Double glazed windows from Homebrite come in a range of materials and styles to suit your Maidstone property. We are one of the few double glazing installers who offers such an extensive range of choices.

We’ve summarised each option below to give you inspiration for your home improvements!

uPVC Windows in Maidstone

Our uPVC windows are superb, featuring a multi-chambered design for ultimate energy efficiency, they are designed to keep your home warm. They also feature state of the art weather seals to protect your Maidstone property from the elements.

When you choose our uPVC windows for your Maidstone home, you will benefit from fantastic security. We use the highest quality products in their construction, to ensure that they are robust and durable. We then fit them with high security multipoint locking systems to ensure that they can withstand any potential intruders.

Double glazed windows need to be styled to suit your Maidstone property and reflect your tastes. You can choose from uPVC windows, sliding sash windows or tilt and turn windows to find the right look for your property. You can even tailor them with traditional colour and woodgrain finishes, as well as hardware and accessories.

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Timber Windows in Maidstone

For true traditional style, our timber windows are a premium option that will truly enhance the character of your Maidstone home.

The timber design we use from Dempsey Dyer is high performance, and includes innovative weather proofing technology to protect the wood and your home from the elements. They are also superb when it comes to insulation, keeping your property cosy.

Our wooden windows are a superb choice for period properties, as they come in a range of authentic heritage styles, each one specifically selected to enhance your property’s appearance. Take a look at our timber windows and see the benefits they offer for your Maidstone home.

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Aluminium Windows in Maidstone

Aluminium windows are fast becoming one of the most popular Maidstone home improvements. They are so incredibly stylish, with slim line profiles that can be tailored to your exact tastes.

These double glazed windows can be finished in the most extensive range of colours, making them ideal for a truly unique look. They also come in a variety of style options, so that you can have the perfect window to meet your every requirement.

Our aluminium windows are crafted using the very latest developments to ensure that they offer fantastic thermal performance, but where they outclass all competitors, is in their security performance.

Aluminium is naturally strong, making it ideal for super robust windows, and we then enhance this inherent performance by fitting them with state of the art locking systems. Our aluminium windows are the very best option for protecting your Maidstone home.

Aluminium Windows

Cost Effective Double Glazed Windows Prices in Maidstone

Double glazed windows prices for your Maidstone home improvements are incredibly cost effective when you choose Homebrite.

Visit our online window designer and create your perfect windows, then get an instant quote to see how brilliant our prices are.